Wednesday, May 17, 2006

You can quote me.

I try not to let things get to me. Nonetheless, they do. I have quite a number of twitches and pet peeves, the foremost of which is anger at the misuse of quotation marks. A pizza place I go to proudly proclaims in its window: "Fresh Dough Made Daily". Now, I'm not just quoting what it says in the window, I'm repeating it verbatim, that is, including the quotation marks that they have painted on the window along with their promise of fresh dough. Some people just throw quotation marks around with little or no regard for what they mean. Maybe they just think they are pretty. Or maybe I'm wrong, and they are actually quoting Oscar Wilde, from his little known play, The Pizzeria, where one character actually says "Fresh Dough Made Daily". Another example is in a hardware store, where there is a tub of utility knives with the verbatim legend: "Caution" - Sharp. First of all, they are knives, of course they are sharp, second of all, what's with the quotation marks. I can find no valid argument for this, like the occasional hand painted "EXIT" signs I have seen. I know I should be more tolerant, but it's just not my nature. Sneak Preview: Another one of my pet peeves involves Snow White. Puzzle that one out, until next time, "Adios".

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