Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Falling asleep on the bus

Got only a half decent nights sleep last night, so I made up for the lost sleep by falling asleep first on the train, and then on the bus, on the way to work. Mind you, on the train, I was standing, holding a book. The trains in Atlanta are very quiet and peaceful, the silence only occasionally broken by a ringing mobile phone. Lots of people sleep, very few talk to eachother. The sound of the rails is quite soothing. The bus is a little different. Noisier, hotter, more jarring in general. Much more difficult to sleep, but I was able to anyway. I woke up several times, thinking I had missed my stop, and that I would be late for work. Finding I had not, I logically fell right back asleep. Jolting awake like that can give you such a kink in the neck. If I think I might fall asleep, I make sure to sit in the back of the bus, with my backpack wedged behind my shoulder, as once when I woke up, several years back, I found that someone had lifted my umbrella. And it was a really nice umbrella. Got wet that day, and learned my lesson. Never fall asleep on the bus. Did anyway. Did get off at my stop. At work now.

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