Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The asterisk presidency

I was just reading an article on Barry Bonds, about how his records will be accompanied in the books by an asterisk, indicating they were achieved with the aid of steroids. But this article went on to point out that we are all implicit in his fraud, because it was blatantly obvious that he was cheating, and we all went along with it. I see the point.
Likewise, "president" Bush, was selected, not elected by the five votes of the supreme court, and we all went along with it. Then, he was reelected by the September 11th hijackers, and we all went along with it. Now, we're stuck with eight years of the worst, most corrupt, controlled by extremist elements administration EVER, and we're going along with it. Sure, we pick our battles and fight as hard as we can, but the main point of the NeoCon agenda is to stack the deck against any dissent, equating it with treason, and setting up a Fascistic Theocracy, right under our noses. This Imperial presidency even has the gall to say they stand for the rule of law, while simultaneously adding "signing statements" to many laws. This is a perfectly legal way for any president to add his opinions to the text of any law he signs, but Bush has used these seven hundred and fifty times, almost twice as much as all previous presidents combined, to basically say, this is law, except where I say it isn't. And we're all being dragged along.
Perhaps in a hundred years, our descendants will look back and say, sure Barry Bonds broke that record, but it doesn't matter, because he cheated, and maybe they will look back at Bush like most sane people look at Senator Joseph McCarthy. He was a product of his times, and people got dragged along, and down by him, but then we woke up and said that we are better than that, and maybe they can forgive us.

Care to see how the president's signing statements work? Check this out. Truly chilling.

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