Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hidden Treasure

Posted by Picasa My wife bought me a copy of the NASA book “Apollo Expeditions to the Moon” at a garage sale, for all of a quarter. Isn’t she great? I remember this book from grade school, and it is in perfect condition. But the interesting thing is the folded piece of paper that I found in the index. Somebody made a drawing of the Von Braun Ferry Rocket from the Disneyland TV show, and turned it in at school with the following, completely (sic) text:
“This is a picher of a rocut shipe i saw on Disune lande. pasungers code go on this rocut shipe.” How precious is that? The kid did a pretty darn good job of depicting the ship, I think. It also includes the teachers corrections of almost every word, a grade of “B” (wow!) and the text “2nd Grade April 1955” Talk about hidden treasure! I will cherish it forever.

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