Tuesday, May 02, 2006

No borders

I think all borders should be abolished. They are an artificial construct, anyway, and have become a symbol of xenophobia and racism. But then again, I think we should annex Mexico and Canada, and take all of their labor and oil. (Hey, we're doing it by default already.) My main problem with the immigrants who want to work their way into citezenship, is that as soon as they become citizens, they are eligible for the minimum wage, and therefore have become drastically overqualified for the jobs they previously held. Did you think we were employing illegals out of the goodness of our hearts? Hell no, we're employing illegals because they have to take whatever you pay them, they have no protection from harm, no recourse if abused, and if you get tired of them, or if they get uppidy, you can just make an "anonymous" call to the INS, have em' sent back, and just go get a bunch of fresh meat. It's just capitalism's way of bringing back the days of robber barons and child labor, you know, the time the NeoCons fondly, longingly refer to as "the good old days". I'm convinced that before long, like many of the Arab countries, we will be importing our "guest workers" from Indonesia, and when they become too expensive, we will take the next logical step, and import our guest workers from Neptune.

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