Thursday, May 04, 2006

News / Not News

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For starters, the 24 hour news cycle has elevated what it calls news to a status that it does not merit. If a tree falls down in the forest, and there isn't a news team there, it still happened, and we still shouldn't care anyways. Follow this simple chart

War in Iraq - News
Who got bumped off American Idol - Not News
Earthquake and Tsunami - News
Who got killed off on Lost - Not News
Law passed so private citezens cannot own ultrasound machines - News
The fact that the law was passed due to Tom Cruise - Not News
Anything involving Tom Cruise - Not News
Debate about laws governing lobbyists - News
Immigration rallys - News
Minutemen building a thousand mile, two strand barbed wire fence to keep out illegals- well, sort of news, but more of a publicity stunt. I give it a 6.
Natalee Holoway's dissapearance - Not news, at least not any more, and decidedly NOT entertainment news, where the story is disturbingly placed, usually.

So from now on, whenever you see a news story, anywhere, ask yourself, News, or Not News.
And by the way the News or Not News debate, decicedly NOT NEWS.

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