Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Don't let the devil in.

On NPR the other day, I heard one of the founders of the movement towards Christian fundamentalist Home Schooling refer to Tolerance as a FAD. I guess that's just until the Christians take over and it becomes acceptable to persecute and segregate anyone who doesn't accept their narrow version of Christ. These people are so afraid of anything that disagrees with them that they have even brought out a movement and book called "Praise Moves - The Christian ALTERNATIVE to Yoga" the emphasis on alternative is theirs, not mine. http://www.praisemoves.com/ChristianAlternative.htm
Why does there need to be a Christian alternative to yoga? Because yoga was started by Hindu people, and everyone knows that tolerance of anything that doesn't agree one hundred percent with fundamentalist Christianity is by default SATANISM! (my emphasis) So you just rename all of the poses with Christian references.

But co-opting yoga from Hinduism just isn't enough! Check out this article. It claims that there can be NO SUCH THING as Christian yoga. All contact with Hinduism has made it tainted. http://www.christianitytoday.com/tcw/2005/002/14.40.html
It sounds like this person was pretty groundless and screwed up, and then one day the roulette wheel in her head stopped on Christianity, and she was "saved" but she didn't want to leave behind yoga when she freed herself from Satan, so she found her way to the Christian "alternative" to yoga, but then realized that the two beliefs were totally incompatible. Because if you're not 100 percent for the Christian god, you're 100 percent against the Christian god.

Please, people, the narrower your mind is, the more closed it is. If you want to be a Christian, even a Fundamentalist Christian, more power to you, so long as you don't demand that the entire world change to fit your worldview. That way lies witch hunts and holocausts. It happens every time. Just look at "Rev." Phelps. He started out saying God hates non-Christians, then God hates Gays, and today, he has extended his God's hate to "God Hates America". If you have a very strong stomach, check it out. http://www.godhatesamerica.com/ He now pickets the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq, saying that his god is killing our soldiers because our government tolerates homosexuals. Sure, he's a psychopath, but many fundamentalists are just a small step from being like him.

Please, let other people be the way they want to be. If your vision of god is really as loving as you say, he will not hold you to account for not forcing him on everybody you know. But I'm ranting. I shouldn't try to force tolerance on others, either, now should I? What a trap. You can't win for losing.

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