Monday, December 07, 2009

Rare video of Michael Steele singing!

I know that I promised to stay away from politics, but I guess you just can't trust me. Perhaps I am a politician. Anyway, it does sound like Republican strategy, and he does look a little like Michael Steele, doesn't he? Like it or not, they have become the party of NO. No matter what the President does, no matter what he says, they have to oppose it. Karl Goebbels, er I mean Rove, and Dick Cheney, and all the nut jobs at Foox Newz say that they have to. If the President issued an executive order stating that puppies and kittens were adorable, they'd come out with press releases detailing how dangerous, ugly, disease ridden, and deadly puppies and kittens are. And the Teabaggers would make a new addition to their ridiculous "Don't Tread On Me!" flags. They would add "Tread On Puppies And Kittens!", and then they would.

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