Sunday, December 06, 2009


A very good friend of mine is one of the ultimate SciFi geekettes. She knows more about Star Wars than most... humans. She waits in line for hours to get autographs and pictures of her favorite Actors. I've seen a photo of her wedged between Nimoy and Shatner. And the title of this post? She knows what it means!

Aside from that, she's a huge English Football (soccer) fan, and says that she was a tomboy growing up.

Well, her young daughter is going through a "Disney Princess" stage, and while Mom is completely supportive, she has said that she wouldn't mind if her daughter was a little more of a tomboy. That might be a bit much to wish for, but, what about combining princess or ballerina with a STORMTROOPER! A Stormtrooperina! A Stormtrooperincess!

I say Go For It!

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