Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who wouldn't enjoy this?

Nobody I know.

Sometimes when I look at Star Wars, I think that children today look at it like I look at The Wizard of Oz, or Gone With the Wind, or Citizen Kane, that is, a great movie that came out a long, long time ago. Waaaaaaay back in 1977! I was 13! I went to see during its first run at least 12 times! (Honestly, once you saw it on your own just a couple of times, people would bring you along for kicks, which added to your total.) Are there any movies being made now that kids will look back at when they are in their mid 40's and say "That was an amazing experience!"? And if you didn't say that during the first Star Destroyer flyover shot in the "First" Star Wars film, YOU WEREN'T THERE. I had a whole lot of Star Wars toys, too, and you know what I did with them? I took them out of the box, and played with them. And I don't obsess over how much they would have been worth if I had kept them in the box, either. Some people today have lost the meaning of fun. There I go again, soundin' like an old fogey. Well, maybe I am, but I enjoy it so.

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