Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fly me to the moon. To the moon, Alice!

A friend pointed out to me that I had not posted on "We didn't really go to the moon day", yesterday. Well, this is the best I could come up with, on such short notice. One of the most prolific moon deniers had been stalking Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, for a long time, trying to get him to swear on a Bible, that he really had been to the moon. He took Buzz's refusal to do so as an admission that it was all faked. Well, Buzz, a very religious guy, gets fed up, and cleans the little bastards clock. The guy had lied to Buzz, asking him to give an interview for a Japanese children's TV show. How classy. He tried to sue Buzz for assault, and the judge threw it right out of court, saying that Buzz had been provoked. Note to self: Don't Provoke Buzz Aldrin.

Note to Conspiracy Theory Idiots. We. Went. To. The. Moon. It would have been more expensive to fake it than to actually go. And required thousands of murders to cover the evidence. But, in fact, there is no evidence to cover, because we went. We actually went. And someday we'll go back, and visit the original landing sites in 3D high definition video, and we'll be able to follow it all extremely closely, and these idiots will still say it was and is all faked. We should just ignore these morons. I'm just glad that Buzz finally gave this one what he had coming to him.

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