Thursday, July 16, 2009

Too many hours in a day.

Some people say that there are not enough hours in a day. I say quite the opposite, as long as we're talking about the:

24 Hour News Cycle.

Honestly, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, FOX, and whatever else I'm missing, have so bought into the idea that they have to be transmitting "news" 24 hours a day, that they have become blind to the fact that a great deal of what they transmit is not really news at all. A squirrel with its head caught in a yogurt container got several minutes of coverage the other day. The footage was sent in to HLN by a viewer, who, thankfully, then proceeded to remove the container from the squirrel. How is this news? It isn't. I think they should have a stoplight at the top of the screen, red, yellow and green. If it is real news, from real reporters, the green will light up, if it is not news, but entertaining or at least distracting, it will light up red. If it is questionable, maybe news, maybe not news, yellow. That's pretty simple, but it will never happen, because the red light would be on most of the time. I guess they have just redefined "news". And all of the viewer content is kind of ridiculous, too, with people sending (or... shudder... tweeting) in their opinion on stories, which then get read on the air. I honestly don't care what some random viewer thinks, and I would rather they not bother me with it. Maybe the 24 hour cycle is getting to the newsdrones, so they have to add viewer opinion to break the monotony and keep from going crazy.

Another sufferer of the 24 hour cycle is Comedy Central. I've been watching some of their stand up comedian's specials, and I'm sorry, but they're not that special. loud, rude and mean spirited seems to pass for funny these days. Sure, I had a chuckle or two, over the course of an hour, but these guys are playing to huge theaters, and the crowd is near hysterical with laughter. I just don't get it. But when you're called Comedy Central, you have to fill the entire day with what passes for comedy. Although they do play The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, several times a day, which is their crossover with the 24 hour news cycle, I suppose. And honestly, the reporting and most importantly the information in the reporting is usually vastly superior to what you can get on the all-news channels. And at least they get to run the infomercials overnight, which are actually funnier than a lot of the stand up they run during prime time.

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