Thursday, November 08, 2007

Most Ironic Thing That Has EVER Happened.

What, more ironic that the vice president shooting a guy in the face and then that guy apologising to the VP?


Here he is, the man who has no legs to stand on, morally speaking, who looks like he's being supported by two men who have lost their actual legs as a direct result of his actions. You can almost hear them saying. "Mr. President, you made me the man I am today."

I don't know if any of you know this, but after World War I, you know, the war to end all wars, veterans who were amputees would march together or be rolled in wheeled chairs together, in parades, to show what war was really all about, as a protest against wars, and what they do to people. This was before the Military-Industrial Complex took a strangle hold on the economy.

Did you also know that the M-I-C s latest profit making venture is insanely profitable Mercenary Soldiers? Companies like Blackwater are doing the jobs that our soldiers should be doing, but can't, because there just aren't enough soldiers, or at least enough live and limbs-intact soldiers. And get this, each Mercenary we hire over there is costing at least 445,000 dollars a year. That sure would buy a lot of body armor and more heavily armored vehicles, I think. By some counts, there are more mercenaries in Iraq than US Armed Forces. By the way, the mercenaries simply HATE being called mercenaries. They're just ex-soldiers who can be hired out to fight for the highest bidder, have better, more modern weaponry, are paid vastly more than regular troops, and are totally unaccountable to anyone. I know, the difference is subtle. You know, like the difference between pirates and privateers. (Privateers were basically pirates with a liscence to pillage from some government, hired to disrupt the trade of that countries enemies.) Too subtle for the likes of me.

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