Thursday, July 27, 2006

The rich get richer, the richer get even richer.

So now it's not good enough that the majority of the tax cuts go to the ultra-hyper-mega rich, now the IRS has announced that it will be cutting the number of Estate Tax Investigators, the ones who look for the few people who are rich enough to pay estate taxes. (The republicans would have you believe that The Estate Tax, which they call The Death Tax, is aimed at the small American farmer, despite the fact that there is no documented case of a family having to "sell the family farm" to pay the estate taxes). These workers recover an average of two thousand dollars for every hour they work. We shold be hiring more of these investigators, not laying them off.

The Republicans failed in their quest to eliminate the tax, so they are eliminating half of the people who would enforce the tax. Tricky bastards. Too much wealth is never enough for them.

Smithers -"What should I do with the million dollars, Mr. Burns?"

Mr. Burns - "Oh, I don't know, just throw it on the pile, I suppose."

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