Friday, June 02, 2006

Wonder Curmudgeon Powers - Activate!

Atlanta's free weekly, Creative Loafing, home to all that is good and lefty, recently had a headline article called "Armageddon for the Religious Right"

A very good article. So good, in fact, that I wrote a letter to the editor, and damn if they didn't print the sucker.

Now this isn't my first letter to the editor to be published, and I doubt it will be the last, unless of course, THEY come to get me. But I flatter myself.
Although, as my sister said: "They can add this to your FBI file." I suppose so.

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raymondburr said...

Mel, Mel, Mel. How many times do I gotta tell ya! Don't use your real name when you send letters to the editor!

Sign off on your letters like this:
— Mel Phistopheles, Hell, EA

But then, they still do know where Hell is.

Bill Zebub, Netherworld, EA