Tuesday, June 27, 2006

No no no no no no no!

I saw a commercial for a credit card company that uses the song "All You Need Is Love". Blasphemy. At least it was a bad cover version and not the Beatles original. Still, it is bad enough to be yet another sign of the End Times. The ad exec that pitched this idea should, by all that is good and holy, have burst into flames. Not just for using one of the greatest songs ever written in advertising, but using it to advertise and put a warm, fuzzy image on a credit card company. You know them, the ones who make sure you get dozens of cards before you even graduate college (some even issue cards to high school students!) and promise a low low (promotional) rate, and even when that rate is over, you get a fairly reasonable rate, until your payment is one day late, at which point your rate permanently locks in at 24.99%. Why 24.99%? Because 25% or greater interest rate is illegal in most places, so technically they are justified, as long as they stay below that. "All you need is love" my ass. All you need is obscenely high profit.

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