Thursday, June 08, 2006

Go Hanshin Tigers!

Japanese baseball fans are notoriously fanatic. Team loyalties are very fierce, and one clothing company has invented a reversible business jacket which you can quickly convert from conservative salaryman attire to rabid Hanshin Tiger booster jacket, which looks very much like the team uniform. The buttons, of course are decorated with the Tiger's logo. Here's the machine translated text from the Japanese site which sells the jacket:

As for the true Hanshin Tigers fan, with the Hanshin Tigers you walk always even in the scene of business and the dressy dressing up. The hanshin tigers mark and the Osaka and Kobe tiger scalar were allotted to everywhere, it is one arrival of prejudice. “With the Hanshin Tigers it is always and it recommends our heart” because of the one where we would like to display the mind air with the dress.

In lining “white stripe” It added! Being sharp the uniform of the Hanshin Tigers is made to associate [supotei] design! Exact even in feast instantaneous art.

The style which the tiger fan chooses is naturally real British traditional ([buritora]). In the blazer, [torakichinetsuto] original [metarubotan] (you can choose from 2 types of normal button and metal button.)Has been attached.

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