Friday, December 19, 2008

Get Behind the Union!

A friend of mine pointed out that the Republicans are against



And Gay Unions

How true, how true. But by Gay Unions did he mean Gay Marriage, or The International Brotherhood of Queer Electricians Local 603?

Well, as a last F you to the American people, the Republicans stopped a bailout bill for the automobile industry, not because it was particularly badly designed, or because the auto executives didn't spell out exactly how they would improve the industry, but because it didn't do enough to kill off the Unions. They think the only way to increase profitability for shareholders is to roll back all of the gains made by the Unions, who were actually responsible for creating the "middle class", making it possible for many people to actually buy their product. But that's not the way many Republicans see it. They see every penny that Union members are paid as a penny that's not in their pockets. And every penny that is not in their pockets burns them like a thousand fires. How dare the little people demand safe working conditions and decent wages! They should be grateful to have work at all, and take what we give them. Oh, for the golden age of the robber barons, when the benighted class could do whatever they wanted, no questions asked. For them "middle class" is just a euphemism for "uppity poor". But just as we rushed to war, we're rushing to rescue the auto industry, but only in the way that will damn the "unintended" consequences of killing off the Unions. Just watch.

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