Thursday, February 04, 2010

Beloit College Radio WBCR 1965

This was broadcast at Beloit College in 1965. I was one year old. I wasn't there, of course, I didn't get to Beloit until 1982. A lot of my friends broadcast on WBCR, but I don't think they did anything this cool. Two of the reprobates had a show called "Bad Moon Rising", which got in trouble for saying the word Noogers, which isn't even a word.


brucedene said...

I bet I woulda had a major crush on wake-up girl. She sounds rrrr-e-owww!

Cartoonasaurus said...

Waaaaaay ahead of her time. Wonder what she's been up to these days, hmm?

stacey said...

Oh no, the videos are gone! Did you post them initially, or know the folks who did? I'd love to add them to the Archives here at Beloit College. (I work there as an Archivist).