Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Let them go.

Please watch this video. These people are serious. (Seriously deranged, that is.)

So some traitors in the State of Texas hate the United States so much that they want to secede and become their own country.

I say, let them.

Let them form what they think will be their own little conservative utopia, free from the oppressive hand of Uncle Sam. Let's see how that works out for them. Honestly, I'm not kidding. Let them go. Let's see how they like being treated as a hostile foreign power. Let's see how they like their new crippling import and export taxes. Let's see how they like the immediate and permanent revocation of all funds they receive from the government of the United States, and while we're at it, all government contracts. Let's see how they like losing the support of the National Guard and FEMA when the next major disaster strikes. Let's see how long they can maintain their road and bridge system without any federal support. How about their ports and airfields? No more Department of Homeland Security for them. Sorry, that makes you a potential easy point of entry for terrorists, so we'll have to close all our borders to Texas. And without FAA support, it's going to be difficult to fly in and out of Texas. We will also, of course, have to close all United States military installations in Texas, and move them and their functions to other, friendlier, places. And of course, without monitoring by the FDA, produce from Texas can't be imported into the United States, sorry. Oh, and they can take over the monitoring of their southern border with Mexico, because we'll be taking all of our staff and monitoring equipment with us. Perhaps we should take down whatever walls and fences we have built, and relocate them to places that we want to protect, because we sure don't want to keep protecting traitors. And while we're on the subject of foreign relations, we will certainly ask countries we are on good terms with like Canada, Mexico and the EU to restrict trade and monetary transfers into and out of Texas. Texas may be big, but not so big that the rest of the world will side with them against the United States. And I suspect that many major companies would rather relocate to the United States rather than stay within a country hostile to their business interests. We can give these companies whatever incentives they need; after all, we're saving a whole lot of money that would otherwise go to supporting Texas, aren't we? Worst of all, for them; let's see how they like it when their college and university football teams can no longer compete with teams from the United States. We don't let our colleges and universities compete with teams from other countries, so bye-bye to them as well. Sadly, this last point is probably the only one that will get most Texans to go against secession. Football, after all, is the only thing that really matters to a lot of Texans.

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