Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Dramatic Than I.

So, I'm big on getting free stuff. As I say:
"Free is Free". And I scour pages for free stuff to get. Today, I found that I could get a free deck of "Magic: The Gathering" cards, here:

Once I signed up for my free deck, I got a page with the message on today's photo. PLEASE click the photo to biggify, for full JEEZ effect. When I read the message, I read the word "Planeswalker" as Plane Swalker, but I think they mean it as Planes Walker. I like my way better.

I've never played this type of game, or any D&D type game, to be honest. I have watched people, and by people I mean almost exclusively boys, play this type of game, and I've watched their eyes glaze over, their breathing speed up, and their communication reduce to a series of grunts and wails of pain or delight, as the game turns one way and then the next. It's all too OCD for me. But I'm looking forward to looking through a deck, anyway. Get your deck, and we'll battle, cluelessly. HUZZAH!

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