Thursday, September 18, 2008

Does proximity equal experience?

So the republicans have decided that since Sarah Palin lives near Russia, that equals foreign policy experience in Russia. Huh? She's been to Canada, once. By that measure, I have more foreign policy experience than her, as I've been to Canada, TWICE, and I've seen Mexico from the border, in Texas. I decided to do a completely non-scientific, nonsensical analysis of each candidate, judging their foreign policy experience by their proximity to some cities around the world. I hope you find my findings amusing. I know that I do.

I know it looks crummy. This was the only way I could figure out to put a table into the blog. Just click to biggify. You won't be disappointed.

And just how did I get my distances? I used this keen map tool:
Just input your own locations, and see how qualified you are to be VP!

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