Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The ugly, ugly truth.

I just realized something very troubling, and shocking. In no painting of George Washington, in no photograph of Abraham Lincoln, in no image of Teddy Roosevelt, or for that matter, most of our founding fathers and/or mothers, are any of them wearing a flag pin. And since it has been declared that if you do not wear a flag pin, you hate America, then by the infallible logic of the conservative movement, all of these people were unpatriotic, traitorous, America haters. I'm sure that at the Republican convention this year, we are sure to see someone far more patriotic than any of us could ever dream to be, wearing a coat completely covered on every available surface with flag pins. Remember that the only way to judge someones patriotism is by the number of flags that they surround themselves with, and the size of those flags. Never mind that if you look closely at a lot of these flags, there's a little sign that says: "Made in China".

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