Monday, February 18, 2008

He could use a kitten.

If you're going to visit the White House, please don't bring any of the following items with you:
"Handbags, book bags, backpacks, purses, food and beverages of any kind, strollers, cameras, video recorders or any type of recording device, tobacco products, personal grooming items (make-up, hair brush or comb, lip or hand lotions, etc.), any pointed objects (pens, knitting needles, etc.), aerosol containers, guns, ammunition, fireworks, electric stun guns, mace, martial arts weapons/devices, or knives of any size."
Please feel free to bring the president a kitten.
Or maybe not.

1 comment:

MuseumGeek said...

They didn't say you couldn't bring batteries. I'd like to chuck a couple of D cells at W's noggin!

And a big ol' shout out to the illegal guvmint monitors over at AT&T!