Monday, December 17, 2007

Everything to hide

Check out this graph:

It represents the budget for document shredding during the Bush Administration.
Notice a trend?

Do you think these jokers have something to hide? Well, we'll never know, because they've destroyed all the evidence. They got caught destroying just two videotapes of CIA torture. Just imagine what Cheney and Company have been doing with the rest of the evidence. Well, you'll just have to imagine, because it's gone and it isn't coming back.

Hey, if they had their way, they'd shred one more pesky document that keeps getting in their way. The Constitution.

2000 $452,807
2001 $456,235
2002 $756,086
2003 $1,033,910
2004 $2,329,466
2005 $2,874,185
2006 $2,902,855
2007 $2,274,143

*Note: FY 2007 only includes up through second and part of third quarter.

And guess who's doing most of the shredding:

Top 5 Contracting Agencies Purchasing from Contractor(s)
Internal Revenue Service $5,471,067
ARMY, Department of the $1,282,354
NAVY, Department of the $1,062,492
U.S. Secret Service $702,114
VETERANS AFFAIRS, Department of $678,590

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DC Discombobulated said...

in objective fairness.. can you think of a good reason for shredding? Have you even tried? (grin)