Thursday, June 07, 2007

Only in Japan!

Available soon - Only in Japan!

It still probably tastes better than *shudder* Pepsi Blue. I actually suffered through a bottle of that, whatever it was. It was called a "Berry Cola Fusion", and let me tell you, there was nothing Cola about it, and I guess Sickeningly Sweet will have to pass for Berry. Maybe it was actually waste water from a Fusion reactor, sent into the past to get rid of it.


Bruce said...

Karyn is repulsed by my ongoing search for weird things to drink. Best recent find was Peach Vinegar, which tasted like a simultaneous mouthful of each. It had a certain 19th-century charm, like molasses switchel, and was actually pretty good. The green apple vinegar was a little more predictably tangy.

So a bottle of ice cucumber Pepsi is, like, feh.

Deepy said...

You know have at least several viewers. Your blog is amusing. No I don't some crap to sell.

Deepy said...

I hate it when people misspell, especially myself.

raymondburr said...

Well, bruce, I'm sure you've already tried Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray Soda, but in case you haven't, try it. Have a hotdog with it and you won't need celery salt. Me? I'm just happy that absinthe is making a comeback. Hooray!