Monday, November 20, 2006


Let's do a thought experiment. If you had a magic wand which you could wave and make something dissapear, how would you use it?

Think carefully, because you're not the only one who has use of this wand.

Sure, you might wave it and say,

"BEGONE, Poverty!", or
"BEGONE, Disease!", or
"BEGONE, Pollution!"

But stop and think for a minute how someone else, someone completely unlike yourself would make use of the wand.

They might wave it and say,

"BEGONE, Terrorists!", Which does work, in it's own way, but they also might say,

"BEGONE, Arabs!", or
"BEGONE, Jews!", or
"BEGONE, All Non Fundamentalist Christians!", or even,
"BEGONE, Bees!" (some people really hate bees), or
"BEGONE, Snakes!" (ditto the bees).

Basically, some group you belong to, or something you care deeply for, is the object of the deepest fear and hatred for someone else. And some people would shout "BEGONE" without ever thinking about the consequences.

In essence, I am saying that, just like in a Twilight Zone episode, you really have to think long and hard about what you might wish for, because nothing in this world comes withouth strings attached. Everything is connected. Everybody is somebody's son or daughter, and humans will go to the greatest lengths to justify their actions.

Now, "BEGONE from my blog, dear readers!"

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