Tuesday, August 15, 2006

NASA caught red handed! Proof that the moon landings were faked!

Well, here it is. I found it, not even hidden well, on NASA's own website. Proof positive that the moon landings were faked. Obviously, this is an undoctored, unfiltered photo before it was run through the process that makes it look like they are actually on the moon.

Oh, I can't go on with this. It is no such thing. It's just a photo of one of the Apollo 17 astronauts testing a soil collection rig, to see if it might be useful once they got to the moon.

But it's just the kind of thing I would expect from the morons who think we never went to the moon. We did. Case Closed. It would have actually been far more expensive and technologically challenging to fake a moon landing than to just go there, which is what we did. But the conspiracy nuts will go on thinking whatever nonsense they want to. Because not thinking is easier than thinking, any day. Sigh.

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